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Thomas Moore Bourbon, finished in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels

Barton 1792 is introducing us to their newest line of products. A California cabernet finished bourbon with an underlying caramel and vanilla sweetness.

This whisky boasts peanut butter fudge notes on the finish and resonant dark fruits.

Also available is the Thomas Moore Chardonnay aged bourbon. A surpringly complex finish, displaying notes of creamy butter, crisp apple and hints of tropical fruits. Unfortunately, both are super limited with only a few bottles in stock.


Premium Collection #1


  On the nose, this Premium Collection Bourbon first puts forth light notes of vanilla, followed by unusual salty caramel aromas and hay. 

Addin a few drops of water brings out the caramel to the front and strengthened the vanilla notes.

Taste is smooth, spicy and unexpected, a little dark coffee, nutmeg and cinnamon
The long finish is spicier than can be expected from a port-finished bourbon, with caramel and toffee and hints of smoke.


J.W. Kelly - Old Milford Single Barrel

The J.W.Kelly Old Milford Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a wonderful caramel color with spicy flavor notes of oak, white pepper, vanilla and English toffee. The unique blend teases your palate with honey, baking spice and nutmeg as well as hints of coffee and fine chocolate. The finish is long with cinnamon, white pepper, barrel char and a slow warming heat.

  Old Elk
Old Elk
Blended Straight Bourbon and "imported" from Colorado, this bourbon-style whiskey shows a  honey-forward nose with a citrusy background and lovely notes of vanilla, toffee, spice and oak.

It offers bold corn flavors and touches of oak, caramel, vanilla and fruity flavors on the palate.


11 Wells Unique member of the distillery's prototype series. Each bottle is documented with a serial number representing thirteen different flavor elements! Every element contributes a different layer of flavor to the whiskey. Check out each bottle for more on its unique profile!

In stock prototype series: Wheat, 84 Proof.

High Coast Distillery (Sweden)
Previously known as Box Distillery



Hints of peat, hay, and ocean air come out on the nose of this Swedish single malt. It's gently smoky on the palate, with notes of toffee, almond, honey, sea salt, and a bit of toasted bread. The finish is mellow, encouraging another sip.


This 10-year old whiskey was aged in ex-BourbonShinobu_Mizunara and ex-Sherry casks and finished off in rare Japanese  Mizunara oak barrels.

 Aromas of vanilla, oak,some coffee and citrus zests in the background. 

Intense flavors of creamy coffee, vanilla fudge and earthy oak. The long finish is full of apricots, caramel and more oak tones infused by the Mizunara oaks.

Not inexpensive, but worth every penny.

REVELATIONS -Appalachian Mountain Spirits
Made with 75% corn and 25% rye, which are malted together before being smoked with red oak, an unusual production process. Besides the fact that corn doesn’t require malting to be made into whisk(e)y, smoking with red oak is also uncommon. Not a Scotch, not a Bourbon, but something in-between.

The most consumed spirit in the world

JINRO Jinro Soju is a clear, neutral spirit akin to vodka, with about half the alcohol content. It is best served chilled and most often consumed straight and with food. It can also be mixed in cocktails as a substitute for vodka or gin

June 2021